Let's Play a quick game of "would you rather"

Would You Rather Get A Root Canal Than Write Your Own Marketing Copy?

If you opted for the dentist's chair, let me write your copy for you. Whether you need a copywriter to write your website, email funnels, or other marketing materials, I got you. 


Sure, You Could Do It Yourself.

But we all know you have more important things to do than moonlight as a copywriter. 

You need someone who can...

  • Write copy that converts
  • Capture the voice of your brand
  • Bring your brand to life in words.

You want your words to make people buy. I can help. 

Your business needs to make an impact in the world, but the more things that pull your attention away from moving your mission forward, the longer it’s going to take.

let's be real...

Writing copy sucks.

There I said it.

I’ve also spent more time than I'd like to admit staring at a blinking cursor while shaking my fists at the creativity gods wondering why they couldn’t just throw me a bone as I tried to write copy for my own biz back in the day.

Writing about your business is hard enough. But writing copy that convinces someone to buy from you? Well, that is even harder.

Stop wasting your bandwidth with tasks–that while being important–won’t ultimately move the needle for your business if YOU do them. 


Copywriting Services for Brands and Small Businesses

I’ll extract your message and turn it into words for your website, email funnels, or other marketing materials. 



Define Your Message
The process starts with a one-hour coaching session to create a messaging blueprint that outlines who you are, what you do, and how you can help your audience.


Revise Your Copy
Your copy goes through three rounds of revisions. You’ll be able to review it after each one to be sure everything looks and sounds exactly the way you want it to. 


Expand Your Impact
Paste your copy exactly where you need it so your dream clients can read it and understand exactly why you are the solution they’ve been searching for.

How the copywriting process works:

Kind Words

I thrived in the collaborative process of writing my site copy and learned so much about my writing style. Mollie helped me feel comfortable finding my voice and her egolessness and patience was amazing.


I thrived in the collaborative process of writing my site copy and learned so much about my writing style.

Mollie helped me feel comfortable finding my voice and her egolessness and patience was amazing.

Before I found Mollie, I had pieced together copy for my site from a professional, myself, and my team. It was a hot mess! She wrote incredible copy for every page, and I’m not talking about filler! I’m talking about researched, SEO-friendly copy that converts! Thank you for breathing new life into my site and biz.


A lot of stress is behind us after working with Mollie. We feel more clear than ever on our message. We now have the confidence to go out into the world and explain our business in a short elevator pitch. But most importantly we are so excited to launch our website now - whereas two weeks ago we were dreading it!

–Britt + Francie

After working with Mollie, we feel more clear than ever on our message. We now have the confidence to go out into the world and explain our business. But most importantly, we are so excited to launch our website now - whereas two weeks ago, we were dreading it!

About Me

Translating your thoughts into marketing messaging is my superpower. 

Most of my clients say to me, “I know what I want to say, I just don’t know how to say it!” That is until I write it for them.

After they implement their new copy they see higher conversions on their website, more clicks in their emails, and more purchases on their sales pages.

About You

You hate writing...but you need stuff written.

There’s no way around it. You need words for your website. Or your email funnels. Or pretty much any other aspect of your marketing.

But you're sick of spending hours trying to do it yourself, or hiring people (or robots!) who don't actually speak English. Stop wasting your time and money.

When you can clearly reach your audience, you can help them. I want to help you help others because helping people is my jam. 

Wondering what I can help you with…

I can write copy for your:


Email Funnels

Social Media Bios

Taglines, Elevator Pitches, and more!

Sound like something you need? 


I get this question A LOT. I get it. You don’t want some generic, formulaic messaging situation where you end up sounding like everyone else. But hear me when I say: THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT! That’s exactly what I help you NOT do.

I guide you through a multi-layered framework that pulls out the nuances in your brand (and business) that make different from your competition. Then I help you build a strategy to emphasize those in your marketing.

When you do that you essentially follow the path left or right according to what YOU want, and you end up at a totally different spot as your competition when it comes to the way that you're speaking to and showing up for your clients.

In fact, it’s one of the coolest things to see from my perspective. I’m like a detective helping you build a brand that speaks a language only your ideal client can hear. By doing that, you’ll attract clients you love, and build a brand that is authentic to you!

Depending on your project and whether or not we've worked together before, I'll include a 60-minute brand messaging session where we'll define the messaging blueprint for your offer. 

Your messaging blueprint is a document that outlines the main pieces of your message and is the basis for the copy I'm writing for your website or project.

Your blueprint will outline who your client is, how you can help them, and the transformation they will experience. Creating a blueprint is the best way for you to clarify your message, and to make sure I understand your offer so your copy is on point. 

After I complete your project, you'll have your blueprint to refer to in the future as you continue to create content that markets you and your business. 

The copywriting process takes place in three phases. After each phase you'll have the opportunity to view and approve your copy so you can be sure you're the direction it's going. 

Phase 1 -- Frankenstein: This phase is mostly about creating the foundation for your copy. The goal for step one is to make sure we’re getting all of the necessary information down on the page and we aren't missing key pieces of what you do.

Phase 2 -- Revise and Refine: This phase is about making it sound pretty and capturing your voice in your copy. I’ll be smoothing any rough areas, cleaning up lingering typos, and you’ll start to see things really come together. 

Phase 3 -- Final Polish: This is the last phase of your edits. Your copy is 99% done, so this round is quality control just to catch any last errors, tighten things up, and ensure that it’s ready to go for you to copy and paste it where you need it!

Your project will be considered “complete” after you have approved round 3 of the edits, and then your copy will be “released” to you.

Unfortunately, no. Those are the only types of copy jobs I don't take on. 

Writing social media posts is a different beast! In fact, it's one of my least favorite things to do in my own business which is why I'm so passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a strategy to make it easier themselves.

If we work together in a coaching or consulting capacity to create that strategy for you, and you feel like you still don't want to write them yourself, I'm happy to connect you with some social media managers that would be happy to do it for you! 

The timing of how long it takes me to complete a copy job is dependent on few factors including project size and the client approval time.

I typically have a waitlist for copy projects because I need to manage my bandwidth to ensure that each client receives my full creative attention.    

A typical website or email funnel of 5-7 emails takes about 4-6 weeks and follows the timeline below:

Rounds 1 + 2 each take two weeks
Round 3 takes one week

This allows for a few days in between rounds for clients to approve. 

If you are on a tight turnaround for your website or project, be sure to mention that. I do take on rush jobs if I have availability, but they will be subject to a rush fee. 

I offer complimentary 30-minute strategy sessions to all prospective clients so that we can get to know each other and see if we're a fit. 

During this session I'll learn about your project, what you're struggling with in your messaging, and what kind of support you're looking for. 

I'll also provide a brief audit of your online presence if you're interested. We'll review your current website or your social media and I'll give you feedback about how to improve your messaging, visuals and overall brand presence.

Here's what one client said about her strategy session:

"I LOVED the website audit Mollie did for me! She completely blew me away with the amount of in-depth insight she was able to share with me." -Lorna S.

Ready to get started? Fill out my contact form and I'll be in touch within 48 hours. 

That depends on the project.

Once you're ready to move forward, we'll get on a call to discuss your project, timeline, and needs more in depth.

After that call I'll prepare a custom proposal depending on your needs.

Website copy starts at $4997 and includes:

  1. A 60-minute brand messaging session at the start of the process
  2. Messaging Blueprint
  3. A 45-minute follow up session after your website has been completed to polish all copy and design choices
  4. Copywriting and editing for five pages of client's website (including Home, About, Services, FAQ or Blog, Contact)
  5. Suggestions around layout, formatting, and visual site aesthetics on 5 pages of client's website (Home, About, Services, FAQ/Blog, Contact)

Other projects typically include a brand messaging session, messaging blueprint, and copy. But the exact investment and deliverables depends on the project, and will be outlined in your proposal. 

"My website reads so beautifully, and I'm so happy with the flow of it all!"



Great copy sells your product or service, so you don't have to. 


Other Projects

Website Copy


Starting at

Get in touch to get a custom proposal for your copy project. 

is that a yes?

Let’s Chat!

Due to the massive creative bandwidth that each project requires, I only take on a certain number of copywriting clients at a time.

To get on my waitlist and learn more about the copywriting process, click the button below to set up a call to discuss your needs.


Can't afford a copywriter?

If you have to write copy for your website, but a professional copywriter is not in the budget and you have no idea where to start, I can help! 

I created The Ultimate Website Copy Guide to help you write your website copy WITHOUT spending thousands! 

I've taken everything I know and condensed it into this simple guide!

Want the only tool you'll need to write your own website copy?

This 30-page PDF walks you through the content and layout the following pages of your website:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • FAQ
  • Blog
  • Contact 
  • And more!