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I’m Mollie! I am a brand messaging strategist and business coach.

I help creatives and small business owners with their marketing and social media content so they can create the income and impact they’ve always wanted.

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People invest in your product or services because of your messaging. If it's not clear what you do and how you can help...people won't buy. 

Let me guess, your problem is you can’t quite put your “magic” (a.k.a. that special thing you do for your clients and customers) into words. If you can manage to get something onto the page, it never sounds quite as good as it does in your head. 

And if we’re being honest, that’s making you pretty freaking frustrated. It’s annoying AF to constantly feel like you’re not sure you’re doing it “right” when it comes to how you talk about your business (hint: there’s only one “wrong” way to do it, and that it is to NOT to do it at all!). 

What would make life so much easier–and a lot more enjoyable–is if you had a roadmap that outlined EXACTLY what to say so your ideal clients and customers would flock like the salmon of Capistrano. (If you got that Dumb and Dumber reference you’re my people).

I can help.


This is where I come in! 

Marketing Coaching


You know you get great results for your clients, but you don’t know how to put that into words.

The result? You’re not standing out or consistently attracting the clients you love to work with. I can help.

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Brand Consulting

Let me guess? Your business has evolved over the years, but what you’re saying to your audience hasn’t

Sounds like it’s definitely time for an update!  

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Is writing your own marketing copy right above getting a root canal on your “I’d rather not” list? I got you boo! 

I use my signature messaging blueprint process to write effective and engaging sales copy that will attract your dream clients. 

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for creatives


for brands and small businesses

“Mollie is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business, hands down!” 


Animal lover, cookie aficionado, and student of life who believes that...

I listen to my clients and translate what’s in their hearts into a message that resonates with the people they’re trying to reach. 

I love giving people the words to connect with their audience. But marketing messaging didn't come always so easy to me...

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Want results like this?

  • Grow to over 100k followers on Tiktok 
  • Have a massive increase in organic leads from social media
  • Get higher website conversions and better quality leads
  • Have prospective clients asking to work with THEM on sales calls–not the other way around
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Everyone has a unique message, sometimes you just need a little "translating" to help you develop yours.