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Come, on. I know you’ve been there. You’re trying to write copy that attracts your dream clients, but all you can seem to get out onto the page is a bunch of blasé vanilla words that sound exactly like what everyone else is saying…


Sweetie it’s time to do something different. It’s time for: 

The Copy Intensive

The Copy Intensive is a 1:1 coaching program + “done for you copy” to help you clarify your brand messaging in order to convert potential clients into paying customers by bringing your brand to life in words. So how do we do that? By infusing your unique personality into the words you choose to use when communicating with potential clients AND up-leveling the other aspects of your business that contribute to your overall brand presence. We refine your brand voice and define your ideal client, as well as improve the efficiency of your systems and processes, and create brand messaging for all of your social media and business platformsincluding the copy for your website.

Who is the Copy Intensive for?

This program is for coaches and creative entrepreneurs who can relate to any of the following:

You started your business the old fashioned way–by bootstrapping–and while that served you well when you were at the beginning stages, it’s time to uplevel your brand and your business to consistently attract clients you love.

You know the amazing results you can get for your clients, and you have an idea of what your overall mission is and the values you want to adhere to with your biz, but when you try to write that down, you just can’t seem to get those words on the page to sound as good as they do when they’re in your head.

You’re not afraid to invest and do the work in order to create the brand (and business) of your dreams. You know where you want to be, and you’re ready for that next step to get you there!

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Module 1

Brand Audit

Module 2

Defining Your Ideal Client

Module 3

Refining Your Brand Voice

Module 4

Client Experience

Module 5

Systems & Processes

Module 6

Brand Story

Module 7

Copy Buildout

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Copy creation for 5 pages of your website

(7) 60-Minute Brand Coaching Sessions along with accompanying workbooks and resources

3 Personalized Email Templates to use at strategic points in the client experience

A shiny new business tagline, one-liner, mission statement, list of core values, and social media bio to use across your business and social platforms.

Creation of a brand story as well as personalized strategic implementation plan

Unlimited Email Access

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Mollie was instantly easily able to understand the voice of who I am and my brand. A brand is all about our message in the world and how we make people feel by way of communicating that message. Mollie is a genius at making your voice work for you. This is her light in the world in that she helps others polish their voice and communicate their individual message and mission to the world.



Lulu Minns Coaching
Transformational Life & Business Coach



Not only did she know how to put my message into words way better than I ever could, but Mollie helped me zoom out and look at my strategy for my business as well. She was able to look at my services and streamline where necessary while offering easy-to-implement suggestions along the way. She immediately noticed the holes in my branding, and gave me great advice about ways to fix it. I couldn’t be happier that I chose to work with her!

Sara Zarrella Photography
Wedding, Family, and Portrait Photographer



Working with Mollie was a fantastic experience! She got me on such a deep level that when we went through my copy I cried tears of joy. She expressed so beautifully what I had struggled to put into words for such a long time. She was a true joy to work with and can’t thank her enough. I also really loved how organised and structured her work is, I can not recommend this wonderful lady enough.


Soulful Love & Relationship Coach



I have answered a few of your top questions below.  If you still have any lingering questions, please email me at hello@molliemarrocco.com.

What happens if I don’t like my copy?

You will be a part of the entire process so you will be able to give feedback at various points. You’ll also have the opportunity to give your feedback and request changes on your copy elements, as well as  your website copy. A lot of the copy comes directly from your own words–they’ve just had a little polishing up–so chances are you’ll deeply resonate with all of it!

What are my responsibilities throughout this process?

You will have workbooks and tasks that need to be completed before we can have the coaching call for that module. Without the workbook for a specific module being completed, I have no way of troubleshooting or identifying your areas of need on our coaching calls. Most workbooks are totally doable within an hour depending on how much detail you include–but remember, the more effort you put into this process, the happier you’ll be with the result, so don’t skimp!

Why do we have to do all of this work? Can’t you just write my copy for me?

It’s important that you complete all of the workbooks as they are the basis for your copy. My job is to get inside your head and infuse all that personality and knowledge into your copy and brand messaging. Since I can’t actually climb into your brain, you need to get what’s in your head out of your head–and onto paper.

What do we do on our coaching calls?

We’ll dissect and discuss the answers to your workbook questions, troubleshoot any areas of need, brainstorm new ideas and strategies, and just make sure you’re on the right track to meet your goals. You’ll also be able to ask questions and get direct feedback on the different areas of your business that we cover. Think of me like your own little marketing fairy godmother!  

How long does this process take?

The Copy and Brand Intensive usually takes between 45-60 days depending on how quickly you complete the modules, as well as our ability to schedule in our coaching calls. Calls are typically 60 minutes and are conducted once or twice a week via video chats.

Ok, let’s work together. What happens next?

You simply click the “Sign Me Up” button below to contact me about my current availability.

If you’re not quite sure if you’re ready yet and you’d like to get a taste of working together, you can schedule a complimentary 30 minute branding strategy session where we’ll chat about where you are now and come up with 5-10 takeaways you can implement to improve your overall branding and copy presence on your website.

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Investing in your brand messaging and copy will pay you back time and again. Once you clearly define how you help your client overcome the challenges they’re facing, you’ll make yourself indispensable to them. When that happens, they’ll keep coming back for more, which will mean sold out programs and waiting lists galore!


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Your potential clients are taking out their credit cards and saying, “Yaaas Queen!” instead of “Bye Felicia!” when they receive your latest offer. Your email list is primed and ready to buy, your newest program immediately sells out, and your passive income streams are more like rivers. Sounds pretty incredible doesn’t it? This is what happens when you create clear, cohesive brand messaging and website copy that converts potential clients into paying customers.

So, I have just one question left for you.



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