the master your message mastermind

Harness The Power Of Community to Define Your Brand Identity

Group coaching for business owners who want to figure out what to say and how to show up online to set themselves apart and attract their ideal clients. 


sound familiar?

You don't know what to say in your marketing, so you copy what's working for others. The problem is... end up sounding just like everyone else. Now you're not standing out. 

Even worse your content becomes noise and you just wasted a bunch of time scrolling social media instead of doing something that actually brings in revenue.

You walk away from another day thinking...

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"All I did was scroll on Tiktok, and I didn't actually accomplish anything!"

Ugh. That is so frustrating.

You feel like you're wasting your time creating content that's not getting the views or engagement you want, or effectively nurturing an audience that will buy from you.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

The solution to not sounding like everyone else is to spend time figuring out what YOUR unique message is.

But the secret to taking it to the next level is using the power of community to reflect your message back to you so you can be sure that what you're saying is attracting the people you want to serve.  

Enter my group coaching mastermind.

In this three month program you'll have a mentor who will help you get clear on what you want to say (hi, that's me!) and a community who will support you to show up boldly as you say it. 

Instead of feeling like you'll never have an online presence like {insert competitor's name here}, you won't care. Because you showing up as YOU will be more magnetic to the people you're meant to serve. 

Ready to make this dream your reality?

How It Works


We figure out who you are and what makes you special. Then we combine that with what your clients need and want to create a message that resonates. 

phase 2:

We’ll build a social media strategy and online presence that clearly portrays why your ideal client needs you so that everything is consistent across platforms.

phase 3:

We’ll look at your overall marketing ecosystem to create a more robust strategy for your marketing that will attract more of your ideal clients and customers.

during our 3 months together we'll focus on the following

i can help because i've been there

Years ago I was frustrated, comparing myself to my competition and feeling totally burnt out.

I wondered how everyone else had such a polished, perfect online presence and I was just…me.

I never felt good enough or like I knew how to get my dream clients to pay attention to me.

Cut to now, I have clients get on calls and ask how they can work with me before I even share my services because they’ve gotten to know, like, and trust me because of my online presence.

Now I want to help you do this too.  


Is This Right For You?

You’ve taken every course/freebie/webinar but you need someone to give you feedback that will work for your BRAND

You want to find your unique online personality and the viral content pillars that will attract your dream clients. 

You’re so tired of feeling alone on your entrepreneurial journey. You want business besties who will support, encourage, and refer you. 

You’re ready to make a massive impact with your business. But, you don’t know how to talk about the heart behind your brand while still inviting people to buy. 

The first time I sat down to batch social media content after receiving the notes from our session, I was able to plan a week’s worth of Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Group posts and emails in an hour!  

–Serena, Online Boutique Owner

How does this sound?



Knowing exactly how to speak so your audience will listen.


Getting on calls with potential clients who have already made up their minds to work with you.


Creating content that resonates with your audience, grows your following and gets people to buy.


Being able to launch an offer to an audience that is primed and ready to purchase. 


Making a positive impact on the world with your business.


Here's what you'll walk away with:

a messaging blueprint 

A personalized content strategy 

a map of your marketing ecosystem

a renewed mindset and passion for your business, that you know exactly what to say when creating marketing content. Whether you're making video for social, emailing your list, or writing a sales page to sell a product or service, your message will resonate with your audience. that you'll have an overview of the types of content you can create for social media that will effectively attract and convert your followers. you can identify gaps in your marketing where people (and profits!) are slipping through the cracks. 

A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY OF OTHER ENTREPRENEURS WHO "GET IT" you can bust through your limiting beliefs and finally feel confident about what you're saying to your audience. 

...because business besties who will cheer you on, send you sales, and pick you up when you're down make all the difference when you're an entrepreneur. 

Yes, It Really Works

Allison got the clarity she needed

“My Tiktok is BOOMING!” 

Mollie seriously transformed my website and course creation game because she gave me the clarity I had been struggling with. Now my Tik Tok is booming! Messaging is so important and we often can’t see our own without someone providing clarity.

Brianna got the guidance she needed

“This woman changed my business forever.”

If you are looking for guidance, support in developing action steps to achieve your goals, and help coming up with new strategies, Mollie is your girl. 

Arielle got inspiration for her next steps

“$10,000 ideas left and right that were personal to my business!” 

Before working with Mollie I was unclear in my messaging and was having trouble targeting my ideal client. Now I feel like I know which bites to take and when so that I can really be clear with my messaging and know who I am talking to and why.

Nicole & Christina

“It would be a strong understatement to just say that Mollie helped us.” 

She provided us with clear guidance to tackle the challenges we were facing. We discovered our brand, understood our image and ideal client, got direction on our approach with those clients, and learned about various tools that have significantly assisted us with workflow elements. She more than exceeded any expectations we had during our time with her! 

What’s Included:


These "hot seat" style calls will allow you to ask questions about your business so you can get the direction you need to take your next steps. 


Trainings will be a combination of live and pre-recorded trainings in your course portal. You'll be able to ask questions and get advice for your business. 

Each training will cover things like:
  • How to define your message
  • Creating a bridge between your visuals and messaging
  • Crafting a content strategy that doesn't feel overwhelming
  • Creating a brand signature
  • And more...!


If you have questions or you need support with your website, messaging, or other content bring it to these weekly sessions and get on the spot feedback. 


You will have access to my private mentorship Facebook group where I will do weekly lives, answer questions, and provide on-the-spot coaching. Plus, you'll have an INCREDIBLE community of other business owners to support you. 

$6600 value

$2000 value

$3000 value

$1500 value

The value of this mastermind is over $13,000!!!



How many people are struggling with something you can solve?

The Group Mastermind includes:
✔️ Three months of group coaching
✔️ (6) 60-minute group coaching calls 
✔️ Live Trainings & course portal
 ✔️ Weekly office hours
✔️ Access to private Facebook group



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It’s time to connect with the people you’re meant to serve.

payment plan that a yes?

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Stop copying your competition and wondering why you aren't attracting clients who want to work with YOU. 

What you need is to tap into what makes you unique, and then develop an effective strategy to attract your ideal clients. 

I can help you do that. Click the button below to get started. 

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The investment was worth every penny and it truly allowed me to focus on growing my business intentionally and gain professional guidance on setting clear goals, refining my vision, and effectively targeting my ideal client.