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Why provide your clients with a service when you can give them an experience?

Forget satisfied customers, you’re going to convert potential clients into raving fans by designing
a polished, professional brand experience that helps you stand out from the crowd.

What’s a “Brand Experience”?


hello friend!

I’m Mollie! If you’ve been struggling to develop a brand that truly speaks to your ideal client even though you’ve done every webinar, gone through a bunch of freebie workbooks, listened to a million podcasts, and done #allthethings, then it’s time you did something that actually makes difference in your bottom line.

It’s time you created a brand experience for your clients. 

The best part? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3..

Refining Your Brand Presence

You should have a consistent visual presence across the various platforms you inhabit–including your website. We’ll talk overall strategy and come up with an easy to implement plan that ensures your brand is speaking to your ideal client (we’ll also we do a little work determining who that is) so that your biggest problem is fielding inquiries.


We take your current messaging and shine it up so your copy immediately connects with your ideal client. (Hint: it’s all about simplifying!) By clearly and concisely communicating how you can solve your client’s problem and infusing that awareness into your messaging, you’ll be light years ahead of your competitors.


I can hear you groaning, but allow me to bring to the dark side–where we organize and color-code everything so it looks pretty! Creating workflows for your business will keep you organized so you can give your best to your clients instead of getting bogged down in the endless to-do’s and overwhelm that you may be struggling with.

Once you create a stand-out brand presence, simplify your messaging, and implement back-end systems to support your business, you’ll provide your clients with an experience that will have them referring you to everyone they know!

How incredible does that sound? 


So why is it important to define your brand voice and clarify your message?

In the wise words of my man Donald Miller, “If you confuse, you lose.” You want your copy to quickly let your potential clients know what you do and how it will make their lives better. If you’re not doing that as soon as those dream clients land on your homepage, they’re gonna ghost you quicker than you can say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

What most people do is hope and pray that if their website looks pretty, then it’ll make people buy from them, but that’s not actually the case. Hmm…I’m betting that right about now, you’re probably thinking “Oh sugar!” (or some other word that begins with S) and wondering if you’re letting your leads walk right out your front door.

Please don’t let that happen to you! If you are wondering whether you need an overhaul or maybe just a few tweaks, I’d like to offer you a complimentary branding strategy session where we can take a look at your website copy and overall branding to see where we can make a few changes. You’ll walk away with 5-10 implementable strategies that you can put into practice immediately after our call!

Listen, I can already tell you’re a total badass when it comes to helping your clients, but we have to make sure that you’re communicating that awesomeness in a clear, concise way that actually resonates with your audience. Once we do that, your income will flow like wine, and your ideal clients will instinctively flock to you like the salmon of Capistrano. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist a Dumb and Dumber reference!)


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I LOVED the website audit Mollie did for me! She completely blew me away with the amount of in-depth insight she was able to share. I really appreciated that she took the time to create a thorough written document of all her feedback, AND went over all of it on a call with me! It was so helpful to have an objective and knowledgeable third party look at the design and read through everything. I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels like their website isn’t quite where they want it to be, but don’t know what changes to make. Thanks Mollie!”


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