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If you’re currently working with Lindsay…

You’re probably super excited about how gorgeous your shiny new brand is looking. You have all the visual aspects on point and you’re in total “style sync” with your ideal client….but there’s something missing. All of that pretty stuff is going to attract them no doubt about it, but what’s going to happen when you actually have their attention? Do you know how to speak to your ideal client in a way that they will listen? Is your messaging consistent across platforms? Is your website an easy to follow roadmap that naturally leads clients to booking a consultation with you? Do you have the systems in place to support an unforgettable client experience?

 If you can’t say a resounding YES! to each of those questions, then you may need Mollie.


Mollie Marrocco is a branding guru and strategy nut (aka a business strategist) who helps coaches and creatives design an unforgettable client experience by refining their online presence, up-leveling their messaging and copy, and implementing back-end systems to create ease and flow in their business with her program: The Brand Experience Intensive.

The Brand Experience Intensive is a 3-day coaching intensive where you and Mollie work together to create an unforgettable client experience by focusing on your brand presence, messaging, and back-end systems & processes.

This is done by taking a three-pronged approach to creating a brand experience, BUT where we focus our time is flexible based on your areas of greatest need. So if you need more help with messaging, we’ll focus a majority of our time there. If your systems suck, that’ll be our first stop on the “brand experience” train.

We’ll discuss your needs, and plan our action days based on the three areas below:


Ok, this is you showing up and being visible as your best self with a fiercely unique secret sauce that has people wanting more. Are you doing that? Do you even know what that looks like for you? Or do you need a little more clarity showing up in a way that makes you look (and feel) like a million bucks?

Focus Areas:

• Visual Presence Across Platforms
• Website Audit
• Defining Your Ideal Client


Oh hey, so umm….what’s your brand voice sound like? Does it sound like you? When your clients meet you are they saying, “Omg! I’m so excited! I feel like we’re friends already.” If they’re not, they really should be. Your clients should be able to read a post of yours and immediately think, “Yup, that’s her!”

Focus Areas:

• Brand Story
• Canned Response Email Templates
• Social Media Messaging


Help me, help you streamline your biz. It’s time we tightened up your back end, (and no, I don’t mean the one between your knees and shoulders) so you can put your effort into showing up for your clients instead of getting caught up in the day to day tasks that can rob you of your youth. Sound familiar?

Focus Areas:

• Creating a Client Experience Workflow
• Business Task Workflows
• Business Tools (Client Management Systems, Social Media Tools, etc.)

For the specifics on the Brand Experience Intensive click here.

If you’re currently working with Lindsay and want to add on The Brand Experience Intensive, contact Mollie today for a special rate not available to clients who book these services separately.

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