Theory Doesn’t Matter

July 1, 2020

I wanted to talk to you guys today about something that I am really passionate about because it’s something that I’ve struggled with in my own business. I’ve had a couple of breakthroughs and realizations that really helped me so I wanted to share those with you today.

A lot of times we learn a theory or a strategy that worked for somebody else. We then try to apply that to our own business and for some reason, it falls flat! We feel like we either can’t sustain the amount of energy that it takes, or it’s just not authentic to who we are, and how we wanna show up. Then, we beat ourselves up about it when it’s not working for us.

It’s NOT Who We Are

A lot of times we don’t realize that it’s not working for us because it’s not authentic to who we are. Finding stuff that works for us is a blend of taking things that may work for someone else, and then kind of molding that in a way to shape who we are, and how we work.

Theory doesn’t matter if you don’t act on it. You can hear a strategy that worked for someone else. For example, I know I always say I plan my content a month at a time. I batch it. It’s in there and I’m done. That might not work for somebody else. That may not be aligned with how some people like to work. Some people want to show up every day and they want to create content based on how they feel. They want to see what’s happening with their energy and whatever else.

Find out What Works for YOU

My method and what works for MAY work for you. Yes. Really though… it’s about taking the theory that I shared, or that someone else shared and adapting it to work for YOU. Oftentimes what we do is we adopt a strategy that someone shared and then it doesn’t work for us. When that happens, we just go into a shame spiral about it and wonder why we can’t make it work. It’s usually because it’s actually not authentic to who we are.

Part of realizing that prior to trying to make it work, is understanding how we work. Understand what your energy. How do you work? For me, I get bursts of energy and I’m super excited, passionate and creatively inspired by something. It’s usually followed by feeling exhausted and burnt out where me energy totally tanks. This is why batching works for me. When I’m inspired, I can batch all the things, do them all at once, and then let them go and just breathe for a second. This way I can feel like I’m not constantly having a really high energy output. For other people, doing tasks at such a high output would totally just burn them out. They need to do a little at a time each day.

It’s really about understanding who you are, and how you work so that you can find a strategy that works for you. Strategy is really, really personal. I think that you just need to be realistic about where you are, and what you can feasibly do. The worst thing you can possibly do is set yourself up to show up in a certain way that ultimately you’re going to fail at because it’s just not aligned with who you are.

No More Shame Spirals!

Again, we’ve all done this. We’ve all bought the courses that we did. We’ve got the receipts for them! They just didn’t resonate with us. While I do think success leaves clues, I do think you shouldn’t be reinventing the wheel. I think that you need to know yourself first. Understand that it’s not about taking a strategy and putting it on and being like “this is who I am now! This is what’s gonna work for me. I figured it all out”.

A more suited approach would be to think “I’m gonna try this only so that I can gather data about what pieces of it actually work for me,” or “so that I can gather data around the fact that it’s NOT gonna work for me at all so in the future I’m not wasting time trying to do it”. What works, you keep! You don’t go into a shame spiral about it!

I just wanted to talk about this because it’s something I totally have struggle with a lot! I think sometimes it’s helpful to really hear that other people are going through and that too. Again it’s about being authentic to you and having a strategy that works for you and putting the pieces together in a way that ultimately is going to serve you best.

If you have any questions, or would like to reach out to me, you can send me an email.

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