The Biggest Lie in Content Creation

July 1, 2020

I wanted to share with you guys the biggest lie that I believed when it came to content creation – and I believe this lie for a really long time!…  Like an ABSURDLY long time!!!
I have come to see the light and now I want to share the light and my awareness with you!
One of the things that I hated was content creation. If you’ve been around here a long time, you know that I hate writing Instagram posts, can’t stand writing my emails and don’t love content creation. At the same time, I do!
I want to be able to creatively express myself through the content that I create. So when I do create it, I:
  • sit down
  • pour out
  • really take a lot of time to think about what I want to say
  • think about how it’s providing value to the people that I want to serve
  • contemplate on how I can do that in a way that’s entertaining and educational for them

I really like pour it out. The thought of me of having to create content across different platforms, ie different content on Instagram vs. Facebook vs. in my emails vs. my website and blog posts was so overwhelming for me that I just never did it!

Then my wonderful, beautiful, talented coach Harriet Hale and I talked. She told me, and reminded me that she repurposes her content. She brought up a really great point that helped me see it differently.

Imagine with me Here

I want you to think about this with me. If you were to read someone’s content and it was good – like really good – and you were like “oh my gosh! This so good!”. You comment on the post. It was amazing. You closed out Instagram, and you go into Facebook maybe a day or two a couple hours later, and you see the same post again.

My thought is that you’re either going to either:

a) read the post again because it was so good and you just  need to read this again,

b) you’ll think, “oh! I already read that post”, and you’ll just scroll right by.

c) this is something that most of us fear – judgement. You’ll think, “I can’t believe that she posted that content again! This is so annoying! Why is this in my feed? I already read this. I don’t want to see this.

Maybe there are people that say that. For the majority of the people though, if they want to read it, they’ll read it, and if they don’t want to read it, they will skate right by.

The other thing is that, I don’t know about you guys, but definitely for me there are people whose content I see on Instagram but I don’t see their content on Facebook and vice versa. There are people whose content I will listen to in a podcast, but I won’t watch a video on their Facebook group. People like to consume content in different ways. The more ways that you can take your content and repurpose it, the more mediums that you have to capture people and to offer them value.

By switching my viewpoint around that and looking at it in a different way, I realized that I do this myself. I was like “oh! Well then why am I like stressing and wasting so much energy thinking that I have to create content for five different platforms if people aren’t even really seeing it on one platform. It’s a small percentage of my following that sees it on the one platform. It’s good content! I spent a lot of time creating that and I know it will be helpful for people. Why would I not repurpose that and give more people the chance to see it?

Cost-Benefit Analysis

When you are doing like a cost-benefit analysis, the benefits of repurposing your content so that multiple people see it so that it can last longer and serve more people ABSOLUTELY outweighs the cost of a couple of people thinking maybe it’s annoying that they saw the same post on Instagram AND Facebook!
I want you to think about that and please do not be afraid to repurpose your content. Think about it in a funnel sense. Maybe you have an email list and you tend to write really long emails for them. Well… maybe you start your content creation process in the email drafting process. You can take pieces of the emails you create and make them into Instagram posts! Then you repurpose the same content in a Facebook post.

Find Out Where Your Most Valuable Content is Created

Really it’s about being smart about the content that you’re creating and starting with this top-down approach. Where are you’re putting the most information or the most effort into your content creation? Is it writing that blog post that can then be a Facebook post? Is it writing that email that can then go be an Instagram post? This can then be the one piece of content that you’re going to repurpose to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blog post, in an email and so on! I mean, you’re really making the most of your content then!


An even better hint is for you get a VA. Honestly, it’s been the best thing that I’ve done in my business! You can get a VA who will repurpose your content FOR you! You just write it once, and they will put it in all the different places that it needs to go to. You’re then basically putting in the effort once, and then someone else is taking that and really maximizing it. You don’t have to really lift a finger to do more! For me, that was super overwhelming and made me not want to do it.
I hope that that clears things up for you and is helpful for you because it was a total “aha” moment for me and just let me let myself off the hook when I realized that.
As always, reach out to me if you have any questions. 
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