Monthly, Weekly and Daily Instagram Strategy

May 29, 2020

My Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Instagram Strategy

Today I wanted to talk to you guys through what my strategy is that I found works for me when it comes to showing up specifically on Instagram.

We all wanna know “what do I have to do?” and “how long do I have to do it?” The question that I get a lot is “how often do I have to post on Instagram? My answer to that is “how often do you actually think you’re going to post?”.

I’m not going to tell you to show up twice a day, every single day of the week on Instagram. Will that be really great and grow your audience? 100%! Are you going to do it? Hell, NO! There’s not way anyone can keep up with that!

You would need a team to be creating content to show up in that way effectively and a really serious strategy!

I say show up as often as you can commit to showing up consistently. If that is five days a week, do it five days a week. If that’s two days a week, do it two days a week. Just make it’s on the same day. What you’re doing is you’re training your audience to look for you on specific days. Figure out how often you want to show up, how you can commit to showing up, and then actually do that!

Let’s talk a little bit more about what this looks like specifically for me


  1. Every month I set up my feed posts for the month. I talk about this in my Social Content Story course in detail about exactly how I do this.
  2. Figure out what I’m going to say. I write different posts ideas and things I want to talk about on a paper planner.
  3. I go to Planoly and arrange my feed posts for the month, figure out what my color story is going to be, and create all that content.
  4. Write all my posts at once. I’ll do all my Mondays only, Tuesdays only and so on.
  5. Figure out based on my calendar that I’ve written down, which IGTVs I need to record. I batch these all on a Thursday afternoon and record them all so that I have this content ready to go.

I have planned my content and know what things I’m going to be talking about in the future. Things like what I’m launching, and so on. If I don’t create my content, or my IGTVs, you’re not going to have any! I like to try to make sure that that’s not the case, and that you guys actually have content every week so I can be showing up regularly. Prebatching your content like that it’s a great way to do it.


My IGTV posts come out weekly.


  1. I will show up five days a week in my feed post.
  2. I take that feed post and share that to my stories so if people miss my post in their feed, they’ll see it in my stories and go from my stories to my feed.
  3. The other thing that I do five days a week is try to show up on the stories to do tips and take aways. Stories are where most of my audience is engaging with me. By showing up in my stories five days a week, they’re always stories for people to watch and content for them to interact with my brand. I’m very active in stories. In my opinion, this has been the number one game changer for my business. It’s really helped me book a lot of clients, get a lot of opportunities just by showing up in my stories.

People don’t know about you, unless you’re there. So if you’re not there, don’t expect people to know about you! I think especially when it comes to prospective clients, people want to put a face to a name.

We in the creative industries have all been there where we go to a networking event and say “oh! You’re so and so! I know your Instagram!”. You didn’t actually know their face though, because they’re not showing up. I want to go to events where people come up to me and say “Molly!” because they know me! They see my face – filtered – every single day! They recognize me!

It’s really important that we are doing this because this is going to make the difference between clients wanting to book us because they remember us, our voice and our face.

Bonus tip:

When clients inquire with you, if you send them like a quick 10 second video that just says “hey, I’m so excited for your inquiry/I’m so excited to work with you/hear more from you”, that’s going to make a huge impact on your client. You took the time to do that and they now know your name and face. They feel like they already know you more so than any of the other people they have inquired with. This is because you’re showing up!

All of that just to say show up in your stories five days a week. Here’s a thing. You may or may not have noticed this, but there have been times in my Instagram life where I am “in between posts”, shall we say…

So it’s the end of the month, and I have not yet created posts for the next month, but I want to continue to show up online. What I do is show up in my stories even if I don’t have a feed post. Most of the time, people don’t even notice! They think that I’m still active, even if I don’t have a feed post because at least I’m showing up in my stories! They’re seeing my face, even if they aren’t seeing a post.

At the very least, focus your efforts on the places in ways that client can actually interact with you on a deeper level. This way, they can know you, like you and trust you!

That is my Instagram strategy. Monthly I plan out my feed posts. Weekly, I share an IGTV. Daily I release my feed post and get on stories five days a week. Weekends are off. I don’t show up or post. I can just look at Memes and post those on my stories if I want.

That’s my strategy that has served me really, really well. It has worked because I am committed to it though and am showing up for it.  You need to figure out what can you show up to do, what can you commit to doing, and then actually do it!

I hope that was helpful for you guys and gave you a little bit more insight. If you’ve got any questions, be sure to let me know. I’d would love to help you develop your own content strategy in a way that would work for you. If that is something you’re interested in, you can always send me a message and get a free strategy session.

I offer free 30-min strategy sessions. I’ll give you an audit of your brand. You’ll get feedback on exactly where your online presence is lacking. You’ll also get takeaways you can implement immediately! Start feeling confident about how you’re showing up in the online space! Just reach out to me! 

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