My Top 5 Podcasts for Girl Bosses

August 16, 2018

Today I want to talk about my top 5 podcasts for girl bosses and what I love about them in case you are looking to add more “pods” to your life. I do want to point out that a majority of the podcasts I regularly listen to are business focused, so if you’re looking for more of those, you’re in the right place. And if you’re not, stay tuned until the end for a couple of bonus suggestions if you love all different kinds of pods.

(Click the title of each podcast to go directly there in iTunes)

The Goal Digger Podcast:

Jenna Kutcher is amazing y’all. I just love her and the content she shares. I’ve laughed with her, cried with her, and learned with her over the past almost 200 episodes. This is definitely one of my all-time fav’s by far. And while she shares some incredible business content, most of the time I feel like I’m just listening to her chat on the phone with a friend. I love the stories and lessons she shares from her journey and appreciate the vulnerability and humor with which she shares it. I’m always able to take what I learned from her show and implement it into my business (or my life) in order to become happier, healthier, more efficient, and successful! 

Must Listen Episode: Episode 170: How She Did It: Building Oprah (and her dream life!) with Sheri Salata and Jenna Kutcher

The Melissa Ambrosini Show:

Melissa is literally the most positive person that I have ever seen heard–you can actually feel the joy emanating from her voice in each one of her episodes. What I love most about her podcast is that I always walk away having learned SO MUCH. She has such a wide array of guests and has introduced me to so many amazing entrepreneurs that have truly influenced my life in such a positive way. I’m serious, I have followed many of the guests she has had on the show and invested in their services or products because Melissa introduced them to me. While I obviously love listening to her and her guests, I can honestly say that this is one of the only podcasts that has actually impacted me in specific, tangible ways by improving my health, relationship, and my life in general.

Must Listen EpisodeEpisode 22: The Power of Sex for Health, Wealth, and Love with Kim Anami

The Lively Show:

Jess Lively is my guru for all things “woo woo” like crystals, law of attraction, flow, and manifesting. I love how she can break down some really complicated concepts for her listeners in a way that they can fully understand them. If you’re a unicorn (a.k.a. you’re open to the woo woo), and want to learn more about the magic that is this mysterious universe, she’s your gal. Her show ranges in topics from The Secret, to Cryptocurrency, to traveling, food sensitivities, Law of Attraction, manifesting and beyond. If you have an open mind and desire for knowledge, you’ll love this show!

Must Listen Episode: (Hard to pick just one!) Episode 225: How to sync your heart + brain waves for more healing, alignment, and less stress with Howard Martin

Building A Storybrand:

If you’ve been hanging around my blog at all you’ll know that I loveeee Storybrand! In fact, one of my 2019 goals is to attend their Storybrand Guide Workshop. Don and his sidekick JJ are like your goofy uncles who always make you laugh while imparting some serious wisdom at the same time. Most of the time when I listen to podcasts I fast forward through the intros, conclusions, and commercials, #sorrynotsorry but not with this one. Every second of the show is filled with nuggets of business and marketing wisdom for all kinds of entrepreneurs. This podcast is definitely worth your time. 

Must Listen Episode: Episode 37: Mel Robbins–Hack Your Motivation and Accomplish More With This Surprisingly Simple Strategy

The School of Greatness:

Lewis Howes’ story is pretty incredible and seeing the journey and everything that he has accomplished makes it impossible not to root for him. Plus he’s just a good human being. He’s like the enthusiastic big brother you never had, but always wanted. Lewis’ guests include everyone from Julianne Hough, to Gabi Bernstein, to Tony Robbins. His show has introduced me to a lot of other podcasts that I listen to and seems to always give me a pick me up and dose of motivation exactly when I need it.

Must Listen Episode: Episode 117 Les Brown–Overcome All Odds and Change the World 

Honorable mentions:

Work Your Wealth–I love money stuff and Mary Beth Storjohann is a serious encyclopedia of knowledge!

For the Love of Money–Another great one. Chris Harder has some incredible guests on and I end up learning a ton when I listen even when the person he is interviewing isn’t necessarily in my field of business. 

She Means Business–Carrie Green is freaking adorable. This is a “must listen” for #girlbosses. Her guests share their own journeys to success and it is definitely encouraging to see all of the twist and turns that people’s paths take on the way to “making it.”

Where Should We Begin?–I LOVE relationship books and always have–it’s the psychology nerd in me. After hearing world-renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel on The School of Greatness podcast, I made sure to subscribe to this one. Esther lets you listen in on her couples counseling sessions and it’s FASCINATING.

So tell me, are we podcast twinsies? Or do you have some other suggestions for me? I’d love to hear what you think of my favs so reach out and let me know what you think of my top pods.

Thanks for reading friends,

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