3 Most Useful Pieces of Brand Messaging You Have

August 30, 2018

Today I want to share the three most useful pieces of brand messaging that every online entrepreneur should have in their arsenal and how to use them. While there’s obviously more pieces of copy that are necessary to your business than just these three, I find that these are the ones that are used the most frequently, so you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got these puppies perfectly polished and ready to go!

Let’s not waste another second and get right to the good stuff…

  1. Elevator Pitch (aka one-liner, intro, etc.):
    This may be one of the most important pieces of brand messaging you have.
    Your elevator pitch is the answer to the question, “What do you do?”. It should give clients a brief synopsis of five things:
        1. Who you are – include your “titles” and one fun little descriptor that is non-business related that can create a connection with your audience
        2. What you do – what’s the end goal that you “create” or the place that your clients are hoping to end up in their businesses
        3. Who you serve – this helps people know whether they are your ideal client or not and helps weed out people that may not be “your people”
        4. How you serve them – you need to give potential clients an idea of how you get them from point A to point C (hint it’s through B — for more on that click here).
        5. What they can expect – how they will feel and what life will look like after they work with you.

I’ve listed each of the five aspects of a solid elevator pitch so you can check to make sure you have included them in yours. If you haven’t, it may be time for a little edit to make sure that you’re giving your potential clients all of the info they need to know.

For example, my current elevator pitch is:

I’m a brand coach, animal lover, and copywriter who works with coaches and creatives to help them develop a “brand experience” that wows their clients by refining their online presence, up-leveling their messaging & copy, and streamlining their back end business systems to create a more an organized, profitable, and enjoyable business.

The goal is to do this as CLEARLY and SUCCINCTLY as possible! The more to the point and concise you are while doing this, the more of a chance that your potential clients will understand what you do and start paying attention if they feel like you can help them.

  1. Brand Script:
    If you’re a fan of the Story-Brand framework then you may have heard of a brand script before. If not, then it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a script that outlines the major sticking points that your ideal client struggles with.
    The point of this tool is to give you a framework through which you can filter all of your messaging.

Your brand script is based off the StoryBrand framework. It helps to identify a few things like:

    • Internal and external problems your clients struggle with.
    • The transformation you’re helping them achieve.
    • What it looks like if your clients choose to not work with you.

This framework helps you to position yourself as the guide to help your clients solve the problem they’re looking to overcome.

I use brand scripts all of the time, especially when I am writing website copy for clients because it helps to make sure that the messaging and copy you’re using is on brand and relevant to your potential clients.
It’s especially helpful when you’re struggling to come up with content for your audience. Looking at my (or my client’s) brand script always helps me come up with a great idea for what to talk about when I’m feeling stuck so that I’m speaking directly to my ideal client.  

You can download this framework from the StoryBrand website for free here:

  1. Social Media Pitch:
    Scrolling through Facebook on any given day you probably come across a bunch of posts from people asking for recommendations for a particular service or product. You may also see your friends asking for recommendations, looking for a service or product. They think their social media connections may be able to point them in the right direction. People do this so often that Facebook now has a specific post that automatically defaults when you’re asking for recommendations.

    Typically with these types of posts, people will tag you or you will respond to the post yourself directing people to your website. Most of the time you don’t hear anything from the person who put out the post in the first place, because some of these posts garner twenty or thirty responses from many other people hawking their products and services!

So how do you set yourself apart so that you can almost guarantee some sort of response? With a social media pitch.

Here’s what that looks like:

    • Start with your elevator pitch.
    • Address some of the concerns that the post author shares (when possible).
    • Summarize key aspects of your brand script that relate to this problem to show that you understand their struggles.
    • Include your contact info with a call to action.

Using a well crafted social media pitch you will set yourself apart from the dozens of other responses that read:
“Hi NAME, my name is _______ and I own {insert biz name here}. I specialize in helping {insert category of clientele} and I would love to help! Check out my website here: {insert web address}. I can’t wait to hear from you”.

We’ve all done that before so don’t worry!! But now that you know better, you can do better.

Create a well crafted social media pitch and you will only have to make small tweaks before posting. This will set you apart from the crowd with minimal effort and maximum return. It honestly works for me pretty much every time I respond to one of those posts. It shows potential clients you took some time to respond AND listen to them to gain understanding of their problem. That is what is going to get potential client’s attention.

So in closing…

If any of these three pieces are lacking in your message and you’d love a little help smoothing them out, don’t hesitate to reach out.
I’d love to offer you a complimentary 30-minute strategy session LIVE (via Instagram or Facebook) where we can focus on one of these areas. All you have to do is fill out the application form HERE! Easy peasy!

Thanks for reading friend,

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