Why You Want People Saying “Bye Felicia” to You

September 26, 2017

Today we’re going to talk about “attracting” and “repelling” clients! Now you may be completely familiar with this phenomenon, so just consider this a friendly reminder that if someone doesn’t sign on to work with you, it’s probably a good thing. And if you’re not familiar with the concept, listen up:

Not all clients are your clients–and that’s a GOOD thing!

Let me explain–we all have ideal clients (those clients we just loveeeee working with and can’t wait to work with again) but we also have those P.I.T.A. clients (pain in the a**… you get the picture!) that we can’t wait to finish working with. The important thing to note is that one person’s ideal client may be another person’s P.I.T.A. client, so it’s important to get clear on who your ideal client is so that you can immediately recognize them when they come along.

Ok, so let’s get to the top 3 reasons why someone saying, “Bye Felicia!” is not something to get upset over:

1. They probably weren’t your client anyways! Anyone that isn’t resonating with your messaging and takes the time to hit unsubscribe is a good thing. You want people who are connecting with what you have to say because those are going to be the clients you enjoy working with the most! If they don’t like what you’re saying, chances are they probably aren’t going to enjoy working with you either because the voice you’re putting out there is a pretty accurate representation of who you are. So celebrate the fact that you dodged that bullet.

2. They aren’t bringing down your engagement anymore because they’re not sitting in the shadows not liking, sharing, or commenting. We all know engagement is the name of the game on social media, so don’t worry about how many likes or followers you have. Instead encourage your followers to engage with your content by asking them a question or including a call to action that will keep people interacting with you and the content you’re putting out there. That will ensure that your posts are shown to a wider audience, which means you’ll have a better chance of getting in front of your ideal client.

3. If you’re repelling some clients with your brand messaging, there’s a good chance you’re also attracting the clients you truly want to work with. Depending on the product or service you offer, there may be a finite number of clients you can work with at any one time. If that’s the case, you want to make sure that you’re only saying yes to people who really want to work with you and vice versa.

Remember, a yes to one thing is a no to something else.

Clients who are attracted to what you’re putting out, tend to be more fun to work with anyways! It’s kind of like dating–do you really want to convince someone go on a date with you? No! It’s way more fun when you have someone who is excited to go out with you, and can’t wait to take the relationship to the next level. This is the same feeling you should have when you are dealing with your clients!

So say it with me friends, “Repelling potential clients is a good thing!” because it allows you to find your tribe and serve them well, so that when you’re ready to ask them to purchase from you, your audience is ready and willing! So, which reason resonated most with you? Let me know in the comments!

PS–If you need a little clarity figuring out who your ideal client is, click HERE to schedule a complimentary 30-minute branding strategy session where we can discuss this in-depth to make sure you’re targeting them with your brand messaging.

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  1. Connie says:

    I totally get this now!! Ddduuuhhh!!! Stop stressing over the ones that don’t like you and focus on the ones that do. Thanks girl great blog

    • MMAdmin says:

      Yes!!! Exactly! They’ll turn into raving fans and convert their friends as well! No use wasting energy on someone that was never going to buy from you in the first place!

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