How To Write The Perfect Blog Post

February 22, 2018

So I should probably just come clean right from the get-go and say that the title of this post “How To Write The Perfect Blog Post”, is a pretty substantial claim. Blogging (and writing in general) is such a subjective art that writing the *perfect* blog post is a pretty elusive feat.

For example, some people might think I’m hilarious and sassy (I see you friend!).  While others wonder why I follow my own rules when it comes to punctuation and wish I would stop swearing (sorry mom!)🤷🏻‍♀️. Or to put it another way, blogging is kind of like baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie; one person’s mouth watering pièce de résistance is another person’s compost.

It’s all about the point of view of the reader which is why knowing your ideal client is so important.

Ok, enough pontificating about subjectivity. Here’s the good stuff. 

My top 5 blog writing tips (for writing advice posts):

  1. It’s not about size…it’s about how you use it. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Get your mind out of the gutter and get back to blogging for a second. What I mean by that is you don’t need to write pages and pages of content. I’d rather keep it short, sweet, and captivating. That being said, if your writing is totally on point you can get away with a longer post. A good general rule of thumb for SEO purposes is to write at least 250 words, but generally no more than 1000.

  2. Keep. It. Client. Focused (Click here for a blog post on this subject). I know I’m a broken record about this, but think about the problem that you are solving for your client. Now ask yourself: Is this post helping my client overcome the struggle or problem that I help them solve? If the answer is no, then look at the reason you’re writing this post.
    You can probably get away with the occasional hilarious story or humble brag, but if your content isn’t consistently serving your audience don’t expect them to stick around.

  3. Break it up and make it scannable (Click here for a blog post on the subject).
    Break up your paragraphs with images, bullet lists, bold sentences and headings. People don’t read anymore, they scan. So make it easy for them to find what they want. If you’re making it it easy for them to find what they need, there’s a good chance they’ll stick around for more.

  4. Sandwich your posts. There’s a lot of food references in this post…clearly I was hungry as I wrote it.
    Start your post with a killer intro that hooks your reader into wanting to hear more. The middle of your post should be the meat or the good stuff (typically this is where I put those bullet lists)
    The conclusion should wrap it all up and summarize your post as well including a call to action (like asking for a comment or a like).
    You want your audience to get used to interacting with your brand so this is a great way to do that.

  5. Pretend you’re talking to a friend. Remember, people buy from people, not brands. So show your personality and allow your writing to be easy and conversational. By doing this you’re building that know, like, and trust factor that makes people fall in love with you and your brand.

The key here is to follow all of your own rules which hopefully I have in this post!
It’s 660 words so far it’s scannable, hilarious (if I do say so myself!), conversational, and helps my audience overcome the “ugh” that accompanies that “I have to blog” feeling. 

Bottom line: it’s about keeping it short and sweet and helpful to the audience you serve. If you remember that, you’ll be golden!

So hop on over to Instagram, leave a comment on today’s post letting me know if this blog was helpful!

Thanks for reading friends and remember…

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