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Other’s Opinions About Brand Presence

May 30, 2020

Others Opinions about Us

I am super passionate about having people show up as their authentic selves online and really tap into who that is. That is the secret sauce that attracts those ideal dream clients to you.
Today I want to get on my little soapbox and say something that I need to hear just as much as you do. It’s something that I’m really passionate about because I see a lot of people struggling with it. At times it can be super crippling for me too. We’re in this together. I am holding your hand. We are standing in solidarity, but I’m gonna drop some major truth bombs on you right now.

Stop worrying what people think!

We need to stop censoring ourselves. I’m not saying censoring ourselves in terms of like not saying something that might be deemed inappropriate or hurtful. I’m talking putting ourselves in this box where we are not being authentic to who we are.
First of all, being so worried about what other people will think, is a reflection of how much we’re judging ourselves. We’re projecting our own judgement onto others. Let that sink in for a second.
The next thing I want to say is what we should stop comparing ourselves to others and stop letting other people’s judgments stop us. They are not paying our bills. Most of times, these people aren’t even our ideal clients.
In my conversations with so many entrepreneurs, I’ve heard different reason that people are not showing up, not getting in line, not doing certain things. It’s less about their clients, and more about their colleagues. It’s usually the people who would judge them back. Even if they are potential clients, it would be their clients. Their clients won’t judge them. They will love the fact that they showed up. That they showed the personality, and that they took a chance they created content. Not everyone is going to like us. We know this and we have to be okay with this.

They aren’t even looking at you as closely

The other thing I want to say is that most people don’t even notice because most people are just wrapped up in themselves. People are really self-involved, and as much as you think they’re looking at you, they think you’re looking at them! They’re not paying as much attention. A lot of times we project our own stuff onto other people and feel like “well if we are judging ourselves, than they are judging us too”.

Smokes and Mirrors

The other thing that happens is we compare ourselves to other people. We compare ourselves to like where they’re at and their businesses, what they’re doing, how they are showing up, their perceived wins  and all of this stuff. We neglect to realize that they might just be smoke and mirrors. They might not be as successful as they say they are. They may not have all the things that they say they do. If they are successful as they say they are, I guarantee you that there’s no way that their personal life, fitness, health, family, friends and all the other facets of their life are as successful as that business side it.
It’s just not possible. It’s it’s not possible in the sense to be doing all the things at an insanely intense level all the time so that your uber mega successful in all ways.  I think a lot of times we project that on other people and think “She’s so pretty. So skinny. She shows up so well. She’s so well-spoken”. There may be something that other person is more confident at because they’ve been practicing because they are willing to take some risks and show up, but I guarantee you – GUARANTEE you – that there a pieces of their business, and/or of their lives that they don’t feel super confident about.

Don’t Hold Back

I just see so many incredible people really holding themselves back around this and really let the comparison-itis stop them from showing up in the way that they need to in a way that would really propel their businesses, and their lives forward.
I want to urge you guys to be authentic. Show up as who you are in the way that only you can, and just freakin’ own it! If you need any help figuring that out in a way that makes you feel super confident about how you’re showing up, you know where to find me!
I also offer free 30-min strategy sessions. I’ll give you an audit of your brand. You’ll get feedback on exactly where your online presence is lacking. You’ll also get takeaways you can implement immediately! Start feeling confident about how you’re showing up in the online space! Just reach out to me! 
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