Make a Plan for Content

April 30, 2020

Making a plan is super important when it comes to your content strategy.

We need to plan around what are we saying:
1. throughout the year at different times,
2. throughout the month,
3. in a single post,
4. in stories,

and so on.

To go about planning strategically, I like to go through my process in steps.

Step 1:

You need a plan for each of the different levels or layers of content that you’re sharing. It’s important to start this plan with a 30,000 foot view of what the year is going to look like. AKA, you need to shift your focus to a more broader one to see the bigger picture.

Consider all the little things that will be happening throughout the year.

  • what will you launch?
  • when will you launch it?
  • what are your clients going through at a particular season in the year?

These are just some starting points to get you brainstorming. Once you put some thought into this, it will become easier to create content that is aligned with where your potential clients are in their journey.

When we meet our clients where they are in their journey, we become the natural fit for them when they’re ready to hire someone. This is because you were talking about all the right things at the right time based on what they were going through.

Step 2:

For me, this is about planning my Instagram feed. I use Planoly. I’m going to get way more into this in my upcoming course: Social Content Story. I’m basically going to deep dive you into my content strategy. I’ll go over exactly what I do. How I create my color story. What I talk about. When I talk about it. And so on.

If this is helpful to you now, you’ll love this! I’m going to tell you how I do it, and then I’m going to walk you through doing it for yourself. That’s really where the magic happens. I want you guys to have a plan, so that you feel confident like I do, and like my clients do.

Back to my month feed planning…

This to me looks like planning out the visuals in my feed to make sure they look pretty. I also want to have a consistent color story. To sum up a previous post, Instagram is your portfolio. People are judging us and looking at it as if it is our work and as if it’s a representation of who we are as a business; and it is! This is why we want to make sure our colour story is totally on point! We wanna make sure that our content story makes sense.

The stuff that we’re saying has to align with the stuff that we’re sharing. We want to do it in a way that it blends together nicely so that it’s telling a story and bringing our clients on a journey. A journey which will hopefully leave them to invest in our products or services.

We do this monthly. We make our feed look pretty, decide what our theme is for the month, and what we’re going to be talking about. Next, we actually create the content.

The last piece of this the “more real time content”, as I like to call it. These are things like your stories or your IGTVs (I record for the month and then have them ready to go ahead of time).

It’s so important for me to have a plan to show up. If I don’t have one, then I don’t show up. If I don’t show up, my business won’t do well. Having a plan gives you the confidence to show up. When you show up, you bank account will reap the benefits, I promise!

In my every day content, even if I don’t have a plan about exactly what I’m going to talk about each day, I try to have a structure. It could be something as simple as “here are my takeaway”, “here are three points that I want to get across”, or “here are my top 5 tips”, e.t.c.

Either way, you have to know what you want your audience to leave with and you either have to write that down, or memorize it. That is what is going to keep you on track and to keep people following your content and actually get value from it.

I think that’s the most important thing that you should be doing. Making sure that whatever content you create is providing your audience value because that is what’s going to make them come back over, and over, and over again. 

Having a plan is super important as I said, because if you don’t have a plan, you’re not going show up.

So to sum up:

  1. Look at the bigger picture from a 30,000 ft view,
  2. Know what your audience is going through throughout the year,
  3. Cater your content to that
  4. Figure out month by month exactly what you’re going to say,
  5. Have a structure for your “real time content”, like your posts and your IGTVs or your stories e.t.c.

I hope this was helpful you. If you want more support around how to actually create a plan for your business, you’re definitely I want to check out my course, Social Content Story.

If you are looking for more support around creating an effective content strategy, then reach out to me at I offer free 30-min strategy sessions. I’ll give you an audit of your brand. You’ll get feedback on exactly where your online presence is lacking. You’ll also get takeaways you can implement immediately! Start feeling confident about how you’re showing up in the online space!


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