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April 30, 2020

Today I want to talk about different types of posts that you guys could be sharing on your Instagram. When it comes to creating content, I like to think about the different kind of post categories as: you, me, us, sales and process.

You Posts

When I say “you” and “me”, I’m talking about “you” being your client, and “me” being the person that “you” (your clients) are hiring to solve your (your clients’) problem or to purchase a service or product.

When it comes to our clients, we need to make sure that we are focussing on them. What is their problem? What are the feelings and emotions that they are having about the thing that they’re struggling with in their life. This is going to make them want to hire someone like us that does what we do.

It’s important to make sure that our focus for the most part is always on our client. Even if we are switching to talk about us, we should do it in a way that always circles back around to what our client is struggling with and what they need.

Me Posts

These are related to what we believe about what our clients are struggling with. These posts are also about why we feel so passionate about helping them. These posts are going to talk about the skills and talents that we have, along with our experiences. All this will give us the positioning and credibility as an expert to solve that problem for them.

We need to be sharing this with them so that they can know, like and trust us. This KLT factor, as I like to call it, is going to be one of the most important things to establish in our businesses with our content and the things that we’re sharing online. 

Process Posts

I feel like are often overlooked and people don’t do enough of them! A process pose is literally a “walking a client through your process”. If you’re photographer, you should be telling them:

  • what happens before they sign,
  • once they sign the contract,
  • the in-between time when you’re not talking to them before the wedding,
  • on the wedding day,
  • after the wedding date,
  • and then after they get their deliverables

It’s really important that we are talking clients through the process. As we know, clients do not purchase the best product or service. They invest in the one they understand the best. That is what Story Brand says, and they are right about that.

We should walk our audience through the process so that they DO understand it. They’ll understand what we do, and how we can help them, and what that looks like!

Many times we think our “process is boring”, and “why will they care?”. You might be thinking: “do I tell them I’m sending emails, or what?”. I say “yes!” You talk about what kinds of things you’re saying to your clients and what stage in the process they are.

The more that you lay out what your process looks like and make it clear to them, the more they will want to be a part of that process and work with you.

Process post are super underrated! I encourage you to venture out of your comfort zone to give these a go!

Sales Posts

These are typical sales posts. They ask clients to do something.

  • advertising a sale,
  • saying how many wedding spots we have left for the year,
  • talking about a program that we’re launching

It’s going to be specifically geared to announcing or asking for a sale with a more direct call to action. It’s not just like: “hey! Drop emoji below”. It’s more like “hey! Spend $800 to join my programs”.

We want to make sure that we are sharing these sales specific post that give people the information and details that they need to make an investment. We need to invite them into this process with us so that they make the investment with us. It’s just as important that we don’t overdo it. If you overdo it, people will be overwhelmed and shut us down because we’re just not providing any value for them.

Us Posts

These paint a picture of what things look like when “we”, your client and you, work together.

  • What kind of things can I help you do?
  • How can I solve problems in your life?
  • What is that going to look like for you as my client?
  • How are we going to work together?
  • What are you going to feel when we work together?

It’s really important to focus on the aftermath of the process, and what kinds of outcomes you will provide for them.

To wrap up, we have:

  1. “you” posts – about our clients
  2. “me” posts – about ourselves
  3. “process” posts – our process and how we do things
  4. “sales” posts – give me your money
  5. “us” posts – how are things going to look like when we’re working together

I hope this provided you with some clarity and ideas of what kinds of posts you can experiment with and start creating.

If you are looking for more support around creating an effective content strategy, reach out to me at I offer free 30-min strategy sessions. I’ll give you an audit of your brand. You’ll get feedback on exactly where your online presence is lacking. You’ll get takeaways you can implement immediately! Start feeling confident about how you’re showing up in the online space!

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